The Barcelona-headquartered beauty packaging specialist launches a new mono-material lipstick tube. Dubbed Emerald, this new standard packaging offers a simple and minimalist design

The lipstick is available in a square or cylindrical shape, with a choice of two materials: recyclable PET and recycled PET (rPET), up to 100%, for brands looking for a more positive impact from their packaging. Moreover, the mechanism is POM-free for improved circularity.

The mechanism works smoothly and the 12.7 mm cup is perfectly sized for most lipsticks on the market, with a capacity of 4-4.5g.

The top-filling stick is incredibly versatile and can contain a range of makeup and skincare products, such as lip colour, balm and solid fragrance,” said Quadpack in a statement.

Highest results ever

The manufacturer and provider of packaging solutions achieved a turnover of EUR 142.6 million in the financial year ending 31 January 2023, the highest in its history.

Sales grew by 34% over the previous year (31% like-for-like) and signal a complete recovery from the downturn provoked by the pandemic. The consolidation of decorating specialist Wicklein, acquired in 2021, contributed EUR 6 million or 6% to the year’s top-line growth.

The year also saw a return to profitability. EBITDA increased 65% to EUR 12.6 million, which led to a net profit of EUR 1 million. This is a significant turnaround from the EUR 2.3 million net loss the previous year, which the company attributes to its sharp focus on operational efficiency and inflation management.

During this fiscal period, a new CEO was appointed for the first time since Quadpack was founded, separating the roles of Chairman and CEO. Alexandra Chauvigné took the helm in September, to lead the return to profitable growth. Her focus has been on financial discipline, improving profitability and cash generation. Tim Eaves remains as Chairman of the Board, while embracing a new role as Chief Impact Officer, to guide the company’s sustainable development.