Australian-based beauty brand Bondi Sands, mostly known for its self-tanning and sun care products, has partnered with international beauty packaging manufacturer and provider Quadpack to develop the airless packaging for its new SPF range, Hydra UV Protect.

The new packaging consists in a recyclable airless pump with a metal-free mechanism. It is entirely made from PP and PE, polymers that are widely recyclable by curbside collection. “Consumers want to reduce their footprint and sometimes find this very difficult. We, as a brand, must invest in sustainable and innovative packaging, making it easier for consumer to recycle,” says Blair James, Bondi Sands’ co-founder.

In addition, the new range is PETA certified and reef friendly.

The coveted Australian glowing skin is the result of a skincare routine that values organic and ethical products. Although it might seem effortless, Australian beauty is all about protection: its sun care formulas with minimal impact on the environment are on the rise and conquering passionate consumers all over the world,” said Quadpack in a statement.

Hydra UV Protect was launched in Australia in September 2020, followed by UK and the USA in the future.