Wooden packaging components are starting to become popular among beauty brands, but we’ve only just scratched the surface. This category is set to explode,” said Quadpack CEO Tim Eaves. “Technotraf is single-handedly responsible for introducing the concept of wood in beauty packaging back in 2001. It knows more about the subject than any other manufacturer. With Quadpack’s support, there will be nothing to stop it from conquering the global cosmetics packaging market.

Different manufacturing steps of the Eau d'Issey pour Homme wooden...

Different manufacturing steps of the Eau d’Issey pour Homme wooden bottle

For sure, Technotraf has a wonderful know-how. Its commercial director, Jaume Ordeig, has demonstrated in a conference during the latest Cosmopack tradeshow in Bologna, how wood can bring a pretty added value to a cosmetic packaging and, most importantly, how Technotraf succeeded in mastering and industrializing the most complex production processes. One of the best examples being the wooden bottle made for Issey Miyake.

However, the strategic move also provides Quadpack with its first manufacturing capabilities ever. With the acquisition of Technotraf, Quadpack enters the production world and ceases to be a mere trader selling the products made by others.

"It is interesting for us to have industrial facilities and diversification is not excluded," says Philippe Lenglart, Director and co-founder of Quadpack.

Ethical products

However, “the initial purpose of the acquisition was not to get a manufacturing facility” a group’s spokesperson told Premium Beauty News. “The group considered this acquisition as an opportunity to secure the access to high quality innovative products for its customers. For Quadpack it is also the opportunity to diversify its supply sources towards ethical products: made in Europe from sustainable materials.

Established in 1983, Technotraf is located in Torelló, in a region of Catalonia known as Spain’s “cosmetic valley”. The company sources all its raw material from PEFC-certified sustainable forests and processes it at its 10,000m2 production facilities. Fully equipped with woodturning and computer-numerical controlled (CNC) milling machines, the facility manufactures bespoke fragrance caps, jar caps, bottle caps, boxes and powder compacts that complement make-up, perfumery and cosmetics packaging.

Technotraf production facility in Torelló, Spain

Technotraf production facility in Torelló, Spain

The aim of Quadpack is to help Technotraf to expand the market category.

Quadpack gives us the corporate and financial backing to take our business to the next level. There is no doubt that wood is ‘hot’ in beauty packaging right now, but we see it as more than a trend. The aesthetic, sensory and technical attributes of wood makes it a long-term candidate alongside other materials such as plastic, glass and aluminium. All it needs is a creative force to develop it and a active campaign to promote it. And with Quadpack behind us, that’s exactly what we plan to do,” commented a Technotraf spokesperson.