Every year, some time between late January and early February, an estimated 2 billion people across the globe, many of them in East and Southeast Asia, celebrate the Lunar New Year.

To celebrate this important event in China and in other Asian countries, Dior has entrusted Pure Trade with the creation of a specially designed set of boxes and envelopes. The box soberly combines the codes of the House of Dior and those traditionally associated with this time of year.

Typical of these festive days, the "Lucky Money" envelopes are made of red-tinted FSC paper, decorated with a glossy transparent pattern, a gold hot-stamped band and the Christian Dior logo, also hot-stamped in gold. They are presented in batches of eight, in a large envelope, accompanied by a greetings card from the House of Dior.

A case, also in red-tinted FSC paper, perfectly accommodates a lipstick. It closes with a golden eyelet that wraps around two buttons, embossed and gold stamped with the monogram.

Finally, two rigid boxes (S & M) and two folding boxes (M & L), in red-tinted FSC paper, make majestic gift boxes. They too are decorated with embossed patterns and gold hot stamping, including the brand logo.