The study was conducted during June 2008 into 40 outlets of the main prestige beauty chain stores in Paris: Marionnaud, Sephora and Nocibé. A total of 1628 persons participated in the survey and answered questions about their purchasing habits, from the outlet’s choice to the main reasons to buy.

Loyal customers

According to the NPD’s study, prestige beauty chain stores have loyal customers (90% are women): 2/3 of them only buy their scented, skincare and make-up products in prestige outlets. When questioned, 60% of participants in the study said they were in the outlet they are used to visit and where they have their habits. Eventually, 80% of them hold to the chain’s fidelity program, and half of them also adhere to another selective beauty chain’s program, including department stores.

Expecting advice and choice

The study reveals that service is an important reason to opt for the prestige retail channel. 60% said it was one of the reasons to chose the chain.

The other main reason for coming in a prestige beauty outlet (50%) is the large product choice brands and products available.

Low impulse purchasing rate

85% of the respondents said their purchased was decided and balanced long before the come. A large majority of consumers say they exactly know what they are looking for: 40% say they intend to buy several products, and 66% state they came into the store with a specified brand in mind.

The proportion of impulsive purchases therefore remains minor, but depends on market segments (22% of impulsive purchases for make-up, 14% for skincare and 11% for fragrances). “Eventually, half of consumers leave the outlet with the product(s) they say to be loyal to or that they already bought or used in the past,” the NPD Group explains in a release.

Average basket size

Concerning their budget, consumers say they expect to spend an average 63 euros and 60% of them say the are leaving the outlet with one product only, as per their purchasing intentions.