The manufacturer of wooden packaging solutions has launched P-Refill, a new refillable wooden container with a removable and disposable plastic interior that is ready to be replaced and recycled.

Depending on the needs of brands and the specificities of the project, the jar can be topped with one of Pujolasos patented caps, Woodle (a wooden cap with a removable and recyclable plastic inner) or Woon (a glue-free mono-material wooden cap).

At Pujolasos we like to create the most creative and environmentally sustainable solutions,” said the company in a statement. “P-Refill is a new versatile and sustainable solution which is completely different from what we have brought out so far.

The wooden container is made only from PEFC and FSC certified wood. It can be adapted to any style and customer, as it can always be customized or combined.

We intend to continue changing the beauty packaging market by being pioneers in offering sustainable packaging solutions that respond to the needs of the market,” the company added.

P-Refill was launched at Luxepack Monaco and will also be showcased at Beautyworld Middle East on 31 October-November 2, 2022 in Dubai.