The increasing use of botanical actives that are sensitive to oxidation, combined with the trends pushing brands to limit or to eliminate preservatives in cosmetic products are making formulas more and more fragile. Furthermore, an increasing number of consumers (40% according to Promens) is reluctant with skin cream jars, which perceived as non-hygienic.

While all existing standard airless jars currently on the market are equipped with a lateral or central actuator, standard dispenser or pushing membrane, thus requiring a pressure, Slidissime offers a real new experience.

A new sensuality in airless technology

This new gesture, “The Slide”, evokes both the traditional gesture of the hand collecting the cream on the surface of a jar, and the modern movement of fingers on the touch screens that surround us today.

The airless jar Slidissime launched by Promens allows cosmetic creams to be released by a simple slide and to remain fully protected.

The slide of the finger on Slidissime is similar to the natural gesture of a caress. Slidissime combines pleasurable beauty rituals with airless protection. The cream dose is obtained by a touch and slide movement. By a simple slide on the membrane, a dose is delivered by the system through its thin hole. Located at the extremity of the touch & slide pump, this hole closes after each dosage, avoiding any air-intake and drying of the formula. The formulation inside the jar has contact neither with air nor with fingers.

A patented innovation

Slidissime combines the airless pouch technology with a flexible touch & slide pump. Slidissime is an airless jar consisting of a collapsible pouch and an ergonomic flexible airless pump made of 4 parts. It is protected by two international patents.

Conceived with materials compliant with Food Contact EC directive, Slidissime perfectly answers the needs of the cosmetic market and is compatible with most of the formulae,Promens says.

Furthermore, Slidissim accepts a large scale of viscosity, from fluid to viscous creams.

Standard and tailor-made

Slidissime is available in Promens’ standard collection of premium cosmetic jars. Two references are available: Diamond 50 ml, a luxury jar with thick walls adapted for prestige skincare collections, and Quartz 50 ml, a compact jar adapted for more ordinary skin care ranges. The jar can be coloured, lacquered, metallized or decorated in-house with hot stamping, silk-screen or pad-printing.

However, Slidissime is also a tailor-made solution. Actually, the airless jar technology (pouch and tactile pump) can be integrated specifically into any existing brand jar range. It can also be adapted to others sizes.