Reducing risks of allergy to hair dyes

Similarly to other hair dye manufacturers, the Wella Professionals R&D department has been working for several years on its formulas to significantly reduce allergy risks. As a result, the brand has just launched Koleston Perfect Innosense, a variant of their hair dye range Koleston Perfect which contains a different molecule, ME+, as a substitute for the PTD (para-toluenediamine) and PPD (para-phenylenediamine) incorporated in most hair dyes.

Ammonia is often pointed out as an allergen but, according to P&G, the molecules responsible for most allergenic reactions are PTD and PPD, though they are inherent to the colouring action. By developing ME+, the Wella Professionals laboratory kept the original molecule that is essential for the colour to remain intense and last longer, but modified its shape, so that the T-cell receptors which trigger the allergy cannot attach to it that easily. This technological breakthrough was rewarded by the ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) quality label, and resulted in the creation of twenty shades, from raven black to platinum blond.

Thickening the diameter of every single hair

This time, P&G Beauty has decided to tackle thin and sparse hair problems with the Nioxin range. The brand has thus developed Diaboost, a new no-rinsing hair care product which they affirm can penetrate deep in the heart of the hair fibre to make it thicker. The formula contains a combination of three actives: caffeine, to stimulate hair growth and increase the hydration rate, niacinamide (vitamin B3) and panthenol (provitamin B5), to reinforce the fibre.

Diaboost is only available in hairdressing salons. It can be used as such, or as a complement to six Nioxin products: shampoos and conditioners, or additional solutions.

Producing the matter

Ultimately, Drynamic, the dry shampoo by Sebastian Professional, now doubles its action with an innovative technology. It is both a hair care and styling product, as it combines the Reset Foundation system, which contains starch and helps get rid of impurities and of the excess of sebum, and the Recharge technology, which relies on spherical powder particles to facilitate the spreading of the product, unlike the usual cubic particles.

According to the brand, this makes hairdressing easier, gives volume, and enables the colour to last longer. It has been available in large and travel-size versions in registered salons since last January.