"Packaging is a key element of the purchase online experience," says Leander Kritokos, president and founder of Procos. “Putting the packaging and its opening at the centre of the experience is a key factor of success,” he adds.

The key step of opening

To maximize satisfaction during the online shopping experience, the high-end packaging manufacturer for luxury markets in fashion, perfumery cosmetics, decoration, jewellery, wine and spirits, is extending its highly customized product portfolio into packaging for online distribution. The moment at which the customer receives and opens a parcel allows a brand to differentiate itself from another and create a unique shopping experience for the customer.

Luxurious companies have a strong relationship with their customers in retails stores. The firms invest in their employees, time and tremendous costs to create their unique brand look: The retail stores share a special atmosphere, in the way they are build, sound, smell, feel and how the shopping experience for their customer is enhanced. This special look makes this brand distinct from another brand. Shoppers accustomed with these in-store shopping rituals will expect the same high level of care given to their online orders,” says the company.

Providing consumers, when they receive the products they ordered online, the same sophistication than during shopping in brick-and-mortar stores is definitely an asset to retain very fickle customers.

Eco-friendly products

Every project is handled with special care to identify usage and possibilities in order to support the brands’ corporate identity. Furthermore, in line with the company’s practices, Procos also adapts to the new demanding distribution constraints like weight, carbon foot print, suitable for transportation, etc.

The new models specifically dedicated to e-commerce and designed by Procos were previewed at Pack & Gift Fair on 15 and 16 June 2016.

In the case of the box developed for "Ma Beauté Luxe", the high-end beauty box service of the L’Oréal group, Procos devoted several years to design of a light box, easy to handle and able to contain variable size products and sealed with as adhesive pre-inserted in the packaging.