For the new Boss Orange fragrance, Axilone made a U shaped envelope from a single block of anodised with a mirror effect metal. This envelope where the brand name is engraved was sculpted and forcibly moulded to perfectly marry the contours of the bottle.

Axilone also designed and produced the cap for the bottle of Lacoste’s new perfume for men, Challenge. The cap and collar are made using an overmoulded bi-injection process. An elastomer polymer was used to provide a soft touch effect, similar to that of a tennis racket grip. Axilone overcame the technical problems of production by using PP and bi-injection.

For A Scent, by Issey Miyake, Axilone created a cap, which takes on the aspect of a block of ice. The juxtaposed polished and frosted rectangular faces, punctuate the pure and raw lines of the bottle. As a whole, the artefact looks as if it is frozen. The cap is made from Surlyn and produced in three sizes. Even with the cap off, the bottle loses none of its feel and look of transparency. The spray pump cover is also made from a translucent material so as not to detract from the « pure and infinite beauty » of the crystalline object as a whole.

Eventually, for Zen for Men by Shiseido, Axilone designed a cap with a sophisticated combination of refined, pure, angular lines and reflections. “The shade of blue evokes the infinite power of time and space. Silver adds sophistication and confidence. And when brought together, the two colours symbolise spiritual energy”. The cap is made up of a number of parts manufactured from galvanised plastic: an insert in black PP ; an extra element to provide weight and an air of solidity; a metal, mirror effect sheet covered with a piece of polished SAN.