The labelling, decoration and promotion solutions developed by Sleever International have already proved their ability to meet brands’ needs regarding point-of-sale differentiation, event customization, or late adaptation to market specificities. Beyond the mass-market and masstige segments, Sleever International’s heat-shrinkable films have attracted a growing number of luxury brands, in markets as diverse as wines and spirits, beauty, pharmaceuticals and food.

Premiumisation trend

Illustrating this success in the high-end segment, Sleever showcased at ADF&PCD Paris its latest achievement for Oribe.

Oribe Texturizing Spray Limited Edition 10th anniversary

Oribe Texturizing Spray Limited Edition 10th anniversary

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the luxury haircare brand’s iconic Texturizing Spray, Sleever has produced a black and gold decorated sleeve with sequins patterns. Those are underlined by tactile relief printings, highlighting the product’s design and creating surprising touch effects.

Product protection

Another novelty presented by Sleever International at the Paris show, the wrapping and decoration of Avène’s Xeracalm 400ml.

For its line of sterile cosmetics, offering preservative-free formulas which properties and efficiency need to be carefully protected over time, Sleever International has developed for Avène a multi-functional overwrap that:

- Protects the formula and guarantee the inviolability;
- Features an easy horizontal opening, preserving on the decoration
- Decorates the bottle with a premium white matte aspect, reflecting the formula’s purity.


In the wake of its research efforts in sustainable development, which led to the launch of two eco-designed films: LWPET - a low-density film that reduces carbon footprint by 50% - and LDPET - which promotes recyclability of PET containers that it wraps.

This expertise enabled Sleever International to participate in the launch of the first PET aerosol by Graham Packaging.

Decorated by Sleever with Low a shrinkable LDPET film, AeroPET is fully recyaclable and benefits from enhanced performances in terms of:

- Visibility and differenciation with a full-heigth 360° decoration on complex shapes, and up to 10 colors printing.
- Eco-conception with a low-density film allowing carbon footprint reduction.
- Recyclability thanks to LDPET properties.

"Thanks to our LDPET film, the products are compatible with recycling processes and the use of suitable inks makes it possible not to contaminate the sorting baths," highlights Sofiane Mameri, marketing and communication director at Sleever International.