Actually, in 2008 the gamble was far from being won. Several Internet sites were already offering on line information for beauty professionals. But from day one, chose to be a completely free information website both in English and French. Most of all, with a wealth of experience behind its creators, the website offered the global cosmetic industry, from ingredient and packaging suppliers to retailers, including converters and brands, a rich content in exclusive information giving also pride of place to iconography.

As a result: an impressive increase of the traffic. As of 2009, the monthly audience of the website exceeded 16,000 readers (unique visitors) per month [1], improving its score by over 50% the following year to an average 22,241 readers per month. The growth continued with more than 30% in the first half of 2011 and should approach 30,000 readers per month by the end of the year.

The annual number of visits [2] has of course increased in similar proportions 274,632 in 2009 (22,886 visits per month), 407,004 in 2010 (33,917 visits per month) and 488,400 visitors are expected for the whole year 2011 (or 40,700 visits per month).

More than 815,000 hits were done in 2010 and this figure should be closer to a million in 2011!

As a bilingual website, is obviously very well established in France, a global leader in the cosmetic industry. However, readership is predominantly international, with most of readers coming from Europe and North America.