French biotech company Deinove and Hallstar France have developed an innovative active ingredient with a prebiotic effect that both balances the skin microbiota and maintains the integrity of the epidermal barrier.

Biome Oléoactif® is the first oil-based active ingredient obtained by extracting rare branched fatty acids from a wild extremophile microorganism into a blend of jojoba liquid wax and oat oil. It contains unique and original fatty acids - specific to bacteria, totally absent from the vegetal world - supplemented by polar lipids, known for their moisturizing properties and recognized as being an effective active principle vehicle,” said Deinove in a statement.

This biotech active is produced from a rare extremophile bacterium, collected in a hot spring, that Deinove has managed to cultivate, and whose potential is enhanced through the extraction technique developed by Oléos (a French company that became part of Hallstar Beauty in 2016).

Cutaneous microbiota is considered an integral part of skin barrier that,...

Cutaneous microbiota is considered an integral part of skin barrier that, combined with innate immunity, is essential for maintaining the skin health. An imbalance in the microbiota – which may be caused by such factors as diet, hormonal imbalance, lifestyle - can then lead to several skin disorders, such as dandruff, acne, psoriasis, or atopic dermatitis. (Photo: © altafulla /

Besides its moisturizing, restructuring, soothing and emollient properties, Biome Oléoactif® can be combined with all types of ingredients to create a holistic system that promotes healthy, youthful, beautiful skin.

"With this active ingredient, we are positioning ourselves as a key player delivering innovation in skin microbiome products, increasingly popular in the cosmetics industry. Most of Deinove strains are naturally present in the human microbiota, thus offering opportunities for the development of pro- and postbiotics ingredients," claims Coralie Martin, Marketing Manager of Deinove.

"Biome Oléoactif® is our first product leveraging the microscopic world. It provides innovative compounds, which are not found in the rest of the natural world, including the plant world. This is an exciting area, that we are glad to enter”, adds Anne Rossignol-Castera, Hallstar’s General and Scientific Manager for Active Naturals.