Matteo Moretti, President of the Polo Tecnologico della Cosmesi

Matteo Moretti, President of the Polo Tecnologico della Cosmesi

Premium Beauty News - Why do you think this new edition will stand as a real turning point for your association?

Matteo Moretti - First of all, because of its growing success! Last year’s edition really exceeded our expectations and now we can feel it’s a real dynamic that is building up over the months. This also obviously explains the rising number of members to our association. And this year’s conferences programme, that we recently released, is already a huge success in the entire cosmetic sector both in Italy and abroad. Among the highlights, the presence of several high-profile personalities from major brands such as L’Oréal, Coty, Sephora. A day dedicated to the environment, where the emphasis will be placed on the major challenges that await the packaging and formulation industries.

Premium Beauty News - Your Association has nothing to compare with in the world!

Matteo Moretti - That’s true! To my knowledge, we are the only Association in the world that represents only the cosmetic industry, "industrially speaking", from the design stage to the manufacture of machines and of cosmetic formulas including packaging, accessories, etc. Most of the other organizations also integrate the downstream part of the sector, i.e. Brands and Distribution. However, I think it is important for this industrial sector that we represent, to retain its autonomy and independence, while collaborating, of course, very closely with all of its customers.

Premium Beauty News - Will you take advantage of this 4th edition of the Innovation Day to present new projects?

Matteo Moretti - What is important for an association like ours, aside from the truly significant relational benefit our members can draw from, are the other "services" that the Polo della Cosmesi must also propose. We are not a big association which implies, among other things, a number of budgetary constraints. We must find solutions which are consistent with the means at our disposal and, as much as possible, develop these means. And everyone knows that unity is strength.

This is why we have, for example, entered into discussions to reach a cooperation agreement with another French association very similar to ours in its functioning and its economic approach: the Cosmed, and this, concerning several areas, particularly on the regulatory field. Our event of October 29 will be the opportunity to describe its key aspects.

Premium Beauty News - Any other plans for 2020?

Matteo Moretti - Yes, of course! It is most likely that our annual event will take place in another venue. Probably in Milan..., and this with other partners. We also intend to be much more present in terms communication with the creation of a new website supported by a series of regular newsletters. We also plan to organize more themed meetings and not just in Italy.

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