At Luxe Pack Monaco, from October 2 to 4, 2023, in parallel with its most recent creations (a refillable skincare jar for Sublimage by Chanel, a glass bottle with a glass cap for Kenzo Flower Ikebana, an eye shadow compact case for Prada Dimensions, etc.), the Pochet Group showcased its vision of luxurious and sustainable beauty packaging.

New refillable jars

Besides the Odyssée (the refillable, nomadic jar) and Modulo Skin collections, Pochet showcased two new customizable refillable skincare jar designs:

 Malti, a skincare jar that combines creative materials (wood, ceramic, aluminium, virtuous plastic, etc.) for its case or refill, and simplified refillability.

 Marvelous, a refillable prestige skincare jar with intuitive gestures. The jar and refill are made of glass. “Its hidden refillability means that it retains an elegant aesthetic, in keeping with the codes of exceptional skincare,” said Pochet in a statement.

Open innovation for recycled magnets

In partnership with MagREEsource and its customers, the Pochet Group intends to integrate these responsible magnets into perfume caps.

MagREEsource is developing an innovative technology for recycling magnets sourced in France from the dismantling of wind turbines and electric motors. “This innovation will make it possible to divide the magnet’s carbon footprint by 10, compared with a magnet manufactured in Asia,” explains Nicolas Piffault, CSR Director for the Pochet Group.

Noble materials to add value to make-up products

To meet the needs of make-up brands, a market that is premiumizing at fast pace, Pochet noble materials and innovative gestures.

Among the new products presented at Luxe Pack Monaco:

 Diamond, a bottle with glass base and cap that offers an entirely translucent packaging adding radiance to make-up and skincare formulas, as well as perfume juices. The innovation responds to the trend for ultra-luxury precious cases and can be recycled through the main recycling channels.
 Minimal, a range of glass and aluminium products for skincare and make-up. Initially comprising a lightweight glass jar and an aluminium cap — the two materials most frequently recycled – the range has been expanded, with an ultra-light bottle (15g, i.e. 50% less weight than standard bottles on the market), with very thin glass walls, and a refillable glass case, ideal for loose powders and poured formulas as well as skin care creams.

Jars in the Minimal range are available in all sizes, from 7ml blushes and balms to 200ml body creams. They are at least 20% lighter than the average weight of products on the market.

 Audace, an all-metal or all-plastic range of compact cases with an easy opening and refill system for prestige powders.

Please note: Nicolas Piffault, CSR Director and Laëtitia Reille, Strategic Marketing Manager of the Pochet Group, will present the group’s multi-material approach for the creation of sustainable luxury packaging, during the next Fragrance Innovation Summit, on November 30 in Paris.