France’s Pochet Group and Japan’s Koa Glass have announced the signing of a strategic partnership to share their glass expertise and pool their development and production capacities to meet the needs of the Beauty market.

As part of this long-term strategic partnership, the two family-owned companies intend to share historical know-how and expertise on hot glass and decoration techniques. The two companies hope the cooperation will allow them to push the limits of glass techniques to better address the aesthetic, technological and sustainability demands of their customers.

In addition, Pochet and Koa will pool development and production capacities to meet the needs of the market in the different geographical areas.

"Thanks to this partnership between our two family-owned companies, we are delighted to develop a co-innovation model, founded on the sharing of knowledge, in order to offer our customers ever more innovative products," said Hironari Idei, President and CEO of Koa Glass.

"The need to share information and pool our expertise has become essential to progress in our glass know-how. The experts from Groupe Pochet and Koa Glass are already working together to promote these exchanges with tangible results," says Benoit Marszalek, Director of Operations at Pochet du Courval.