Premium Beauty News - The cosmetic industry is increasingly seeking for high-tech plastics?

Richard Courtois - That’s true. For instance, our range of transparent amorphous polyamides, Grivory G21, is now a reference as a packaging material for the perfumery industry.

Actually, Grivory G21 fills the gap between glass and traditional plastics. Glass has better barrier properties, but it can be broken, and is heavier than plastic. On the other hand, traditional plastic materials, lack the good barrier properties that allows glass to protect formulations from oxygen, aromas, oils, waxes, solvents or UV rays.

With Grivory G21, we successfully combined in a single high-quality material the performances of these two substances. But Grivory 21’s best assets is certainly its barrier property: our new product efficiently protects high-end cosmetics from external contamination, and also prevents the evaporation of volatile ingredients, subsequently improving products’ durability. Thanks to its very good barrier properties, Grivory G21 is also a good protection for vitamins that are increasingly part of cosmetic formulations.

The amorphous polyamide made by EMS-Grivory also complies with designers’ requirements for the making of original shapes. High brightness, easy to print on and good resistance to scratches add up to the list. From design to production, our customers can also benefit from the help of Ganahl, a Switzerland-based company that has developed specific tools adapted to Grivory G21.

Premium Beauty News - Among the recent developments, there are also bottles for nail polishes. Can you tell more about that?

Richard Courtois - All nail polish manufacturers have tested Grivory G21 for the replacing glass as a material for nail polish bottles. Provided that it can successfully comply with the specifications, I think that a leading French cosmetics maker will propose such a product by the end of 2009.

However, the Chinese company Shyahsin moved faster and showcased seven plastic bottles for nail polish using Grivory 21 during the latest edition of Cosmoprof.