With the EU Ecolabel no longer limited to “rinse off cosmetic products”, new development opportunities arose within the cosmetic industry to provide more products in line with the expectations of consumers. To provide brands the possibility of green claims with an official seal, Pink Frogs Cosmetics has developed the first SPF 50+ sunscreen ready to get the European Union eco-label stamp.

High biodegradability and low aquatic toxicity

The Italian contract manufacturer describes its new Smart Rolling Sun Oil as “the first sunscreen product designed according to the criteria required from Ecolabel, the European Union’s ecological quality label for cosmetics with a reduced environmental impact throughout their entire life cycle.

The product was evaluated for its biodegradability and a low aquatic toxicity. According to Pink Frogs, the vegan formula is free from nanomaterials and allergens, and ocean and coral reef friendly, while offering safe protection against UV rays.

Eco-design packaging

Beyond the formula, the product also benefits from a refillable recycled plastic packaging allowing a 60% reduction in plastic consumption.

Pink-Frogs Cosmetics introduces the first eco-label compliant SPF 50+ sun oil

Last but not least, “dispensing the product via a roll-on helps to reduce product wastage by facilitating the application of the desired dose,” explains Eleonora Tauriello, marketing manager, Pink Frogs Cosmetics.