Pierre Fabre Brasil has moved into new offices. The Group’s branch, which owns the Avène, Ducray and Darrow brands, inaugurated a new headquarters in Rio de Janeiro at the end of last year. More spacious, designed to support the growth of the teams and promote experience sharing and interaction between employees, these premises should accompany the company’s development in Brazil.

"This new headquarters marks the beginning of a new cycle. Our ambition is to reach 5th place in the company’s ranking by 2026, i.e. we want Brazil to be one of Pierre Fabre’s top five subsidiaries in the world", explained CEO Ana Paula Magri. Currently, the country is the group’s 10th-largest market in terms of sales.

In the last four years, the Group’s activity in Brazil has almost doubled, explained the manager. "We are fortunate to operate in a market that has continued to grow, even during the health crisis. So much so that we chose to maintain our launches during the pandemic and have grown 1.5 times faster than the market in the last two years."

Products developed for Brazilian consumers

However, Pierre Fabre’s growth in Brazil is due to another factor. “It comes, in large part, from the bet we made to focus on the needs of Brazilians. This strategy has been in place since 2018, when we inaugurated our Brazilian Innovation Centre (BIC), by investing in research and technology to create products tailored to the needs of local consumers."

This is the company’s first innovation centre on the American continent and the second outside France. It is of great importance for the growth of the Group’s brands in Brazil, said Fernanda Chaves, Head of Technical Development. "In just four years, the BIC has already developed several products for the local market. These include Darrow’s Actine cleansing gel with a new vitamin C formula and the Actine Colors sun lotion. At Avène, the Cleanance Intense cleansing gel and the Cleanance UV SPF70 sun lotion. All designed for the skin of Brazilian consumers."

Increase our business twofold in Brazil by 2026

Ana Paula Magri points out that Darrow and Avène are the leading brands in terms of sales. But Ducray, which was relaunched in Brazil six years ago, is in full swing. "We are counting on all three brands to increase the weight of the Brazil business within the Group and reach our goal of doubling the size of our business in Brazil in the next four years", said the CEO.

Some other strategic operations should also help us achieve this goal. "We will continue to focus strongly on dermatology, by expanding our team of visitors to introduce our upcoming launches to dermatologists. We consider all segments of dermo-cosmetics as promising, but six categories, which represent 90% of the Brazilian market, will draw our attention in the coming years. These are acne, sun care, body hydration, anti-ageing, hair and wound healing."

"Another key building stone of our strategy is to continuously innovate. The dermo-cosmetic segment is driven by innovation, and every year new technologies and actives are launched. We believe that innovations in the Brazilian market will be increasingly linked to the requirements of the public and that many will be co-created in partnership with consumers and dermatologists, as we already do at Pierre Fabre, concluded the CEO.