The Pierre Fabre group, specialized in therapeutic treatments and dermo-cosmetic products for the skin, has launched a new patented organic sun filter with the ability to absorb and reflect the harmful portion of the solar spectrum, which includes UVB, short UVA and long UVA rays, as well as high-energy visible blue light.

Dubbed TRIASORB, the new filter has been thoroughly tested under experimental conditions to demonstrate it is not toxic for three key species of marine biodiversity: a coral species, a phytoplankton species and a zooplankton species. A series of scientific publications are currently being prepared, said Pierre Fabre in a statement.

For its launch, TRIASORB is featured in a new sun care product marketed under the group’s Eau Thermale Avène brand: Intense Protect 50+.

Since its first ‘Sun Block’ sunscreen rolled out in 1987, Eau Thermale Avène has made constant advances in eco-friendly photoprotection. In 2010, the brand decided to launch a research program to remove octocrylene from its sun care formulations. In 2013, thanks to this program, octocrylene was replaced by a combination of four sun filters [1], providing equivalent photoprotection, optimal biodegradability and a lesser impact on the marine environment. Today, the launch of Intense Protect 50+ crowns the efforts of over 20 years initiated by Mr Pierre Fabre,” said the group.

Avène's Intense Protect 50+ features TRIASORB, Pierre Fabre's new ultra...

Avène’s Intense Protect 50+ features TRIASORB, Pierre Fabre’s new ultra broad-spectrum sun filter (Photo: Pierre Fabre / Eau Thermale Avène)

The TRIASORB sun filter is manufactured at Pierre Fabre’s plant in Gaillac in the Tarn region of France.