We already knew the evocative power of a perfume’s bottle, and the importance its secondary packaging, and of its retail channel as well, in the perception of a perfume by the consumer. We learn now how important the pump can be for enhancing the emotional connection to a product.

MWV: new Melodie range

An issue that MWV attempted to explore in detail when launching Melodie Agile and Melodie Forever, two developments of the classic Melodie pump.

"High fashion luxury brands focus on precision, craftsmanship and meticulous detail when creating their fragrances, to convey quality and attract loyal customers,” said Sandy Gregory, MWV’s fragrance marketing director. "MWV’s consumer insights work proves that the spray can evoke different emotional reactions and consequently elevate the user’s perception of the brand."

However, the survey conducted by MWV on a panel of female and male consumers not only highlighted the importance of the pump in the perception of a product’s high-end positioning. It also shows variations of the overall perception depending on pump types.

The “fine and powerful spray with a gentle actuation and a whisper sound” of the Melodie Agile pump is perceived as “efficient” and “precise”, linked with words such as “light”, “discreet”, “delicate yet powerful”. As far as the Melodie Forever pump is concerned, its “spray of fine particles for coverage that wraps around the user” mostly appeal for women.

The three pumps within the Melodie Spray therefore enable brand owners to choose the best spray option to match the positioning of each fragrance. MWV even suggests taking into account “factors such as the demographics of the target user, the concentration of the formula and the season of the year, all of which impact the overall experience.

Aptar: the everlasting elegance of perfuming

Regarding Aptar beauty + home, sensuality first comes from new versions of Éternelle, its atomizer bulb:

- Éternelle Couture, an atomizer bulb joined to the bottle by a textile-covered tube, for an indulgent perfume experience.
- “La garde-robe”, a range of knitted coverings in multiple colours and renderings, allowing brands to really stand out and express a strong connection with fashion on the bottle.

Furthermore, the manufacturer of dispensing systems also presented during Luxe Pack a preview of a new version of the Sensea pump offering a soft and long actuation for a more enveloping spray.

Rexam competes its Panache range

Rexam Personal Care Division paved the way of these new pump developments last year, with the launch of Panache, a new technology delivering a continuous airy, light and dry spray. “Through control of the size and dispersion of formula particles, Rexam created a spray experience that communicates purity, opulence and sensoriality to the consumer,” explained the company.

Rexam’s consumer tests indicate that more than 65 percent of those surveyed believe Panache provides a clear difference from previous technologies.

Panache creates a totally new gesture. The sensation is like walking through a gentle, deep and long-lasting cloud of fragrance that captivates the senses. It’s an unrivalled experience for consumers,” added Samira Chmiti, Product Manager - Fragrance, Rexam Personal Care.

This year, Rexam adapted the Panache experience to its XD11 pump, which retains the dosage, diameters and attachment systems of the standard XD11 platform of technology. For deodorants, hair care and atomizers, Panache incorporates the SP22 new generation engine, “renowned for its powerful and flexible emulsion handling.