The BeautyFULL Club is organising a Lunch Debate that will gather representatives of the entire cosmetics industry to discuss “the needed revolution of perfume and cosmetics”. [1]

Mrs Nathalie Duran, Deputy General Manager of YSL Parfums, Mr. Reinold Geiger, CEO of L’Occitane, Mr Joël Palix, President of Clarins Fragrance Group, Mr Thibault Ponroy, Director of International Luxury Purchases for AS Watson/Marionnaud, Mr. Xavier Renard, General Manager Fine Fragrance & Beauty Care Europe at IFF, and Mrs Judith Gross, Global Director, Fragrance Innovation at IFF, will tell share their opinions on the state of the beauty industry.

With topics such as “Considering new definitions of luxury by consumers and keeping in mind innovation responsibilities" or “Our industry has a true business model problem … solutions do exist … let’s face it and discuss” the debate is unlikely to be limited to ordinary descriptions but may propose real solutions to think beyond current pessimism.

Not to be missed!