Let’s start with luxury hair care or skin care cosmetics.

Now picture a beautiful bottle or jar...

1. Made from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled material.
2. With a lid or cap from the exact same material.
3. Using original PET plastic, reconstructed in a unique "Heavy Wall" style for a robust, elegant feel.

Imagine the effect on your customers, followers, and audience by using this packaging. You will have helped them to reduce waste on the planet, made it so much easier to recycle when the product is done, and still delivered an attractive presentation.

A steady supply of these post-consumer recycled cosmetic packages are being made right now in Taiwan

At EPOPACK, these are the types of containers we produce for you.

But we have heard so many questions about PCR mono-material. What to expect, how it looks, how it feels, how much it costs, what are the decoration options? Is there even enough material to go around with current supply-chain problems?

As a premier manufacturer of 100% PCR PET, we are here to educate and counsel you so that your next launch delivers on your eco-friendly promise with a lasting market impact.

So we’ve put together a special report on PCR material, as well as sample packs so you can try the bottles or jars yourself.

To advance with post-consumer recycled mono-material, and to access the samples and special report while they are still available, click the link below to email our project manager Amy Pan: amypb@epopack.com

About EPOPACK Storytelling Packaging:

For over 30 years our cosmetic bottles and jars have been "Made With A Conscience, In Taiwan". Our industry-leading PET Heavy Wall material has helped brands sustainably deliver luxury products to people across the world. We would love to get to know your company in more detail so we can aid in your success, and the best next step is to email amypb@epopack.com.