The French brand, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, continues to leverage on its heritage and long history as well as on the vintage and niche perfumery trends. Under the leadership of Bruno Cottard, Vice-President, the brand is back in its historic premises of the rue Saint-Florentin in Paris and is reviving three perfumes, which were initially created in 1925 by the famous fashion designer of the Roaring Twenties.

Thomas Fontaine, in-house perfumer since 2011, has given a new life to these three historical perfumes by adapting the formulas created by Henri Alméras to today’s regulatory constraints and to the availability of raw materials. In 1925, Jean Patou dedicated the three fragrances to blondes (Deux Amour, a green floral which at that time was titled Amour Amour, but the name has been sold in the meantime), to brunettes (Que sais-je?, a fruity floral Cyprus) and to redheads (Adieu sagesse, a gardenia soliflore).

The three fragrances will hit store shelves in September and will add up within the Heritage Collection to Chaldée, Eau de Patou and Patou pour Homme , which were launched last November together with Joy Forever.

"Hardly any fashion and fragrance houses have such a strong and rich heritage as Jean Patou. It is also one of the few houses that have always kept an in-house perfumer, whose responsibility was to preserve the quality and spirit of the brand. This is precisely this heritage, which is a symbol of a quality and unostentatious luxury, that we want to revive before considering new creations,” concluded Bruno Cottard.