How can a brand take advantage of the e-commerce explosion in China? Panda Meetings wants to open a new gateway to this incredible ecosystem. Panda Meetings is a new online event aiming to bring French and European brands closer to Chinese ecommerce.

The first edition will take place on June 24 and 25. It will bring together Chinese ecommerce providers and companies wishing to export to China.

A huge market

In 2020, 800 million connected Chinese spent 2300 billion dollars online, an amount equivalent to the French GDP, an incredible growth of nearly 30% over one year. In the next 5 years, this market will double again, reveals Betty Touzeau, co-founder of Panda Meetings, and by 2023, over 50% of global sales in China will be made online. It is therefore imperative that European industries get involved, but they have a lot to learn and to test.

E-commerce in China certainly has many specific features: 90% of purchases are made via mobile, a market structured around a few giants (Alibaba, WeChat,, Douyin ...), a prevalence of marketplaces, and tens of thousands of ‘‘influencers’’ at the hub of Chinese ‘‘social commerce’’...

Everything is different, summarizes Betty Touzeau. There is no need to create a commercial website. However, the brand must be present on many marketing channels.

The first edition of Panda Meetings, on June 24 and 25, will offer invited brands the opportunity to meet partners able to support them in this digital layer cake.

Given the current context, the first edition of Panda Meetings will take place 100% online. The platform will offer 30-minute video-meetings, double opt-in business meetings, networking sessions and the opportunity to discover offers from Chinese service providers gathered for the occasion.

The Panda Meetings project is the fruit of the union of two experts in the field: Betty Touzeau lived in China for 8 years and worked there exclusively in ecommerce, and her business partner, Alain Laidet, creator of the three biggest ecommerce trade fairs in France: Paris Retail Week (ex. E-Commerce Paris), the E-Marketing Paris trade fair and the E-Commerce One to one Monaco trade fair (with the Comexposium group).

The event is free for brands and retailers. The event is supported by Business France and its Team France Export initiative.