As several brands are experimenting with bulk sales and in-store refilling, P&G is choosing to supply those buying their shampoos with refillable aluminium bottles. The company plans to roll out the new bottles in Europe as of 2021 for Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Herbal Essences and Aussie brands.

Refill pouches

The 100% aluminium bottles will be refillable using refill pouches, made using 60% less plastic (per mL versus standard brand bottle, according to P&G). These pouches - the group’s very first ones - can also be recycled, when they are collected and where local recycling facilities are available (which is not the case, for instance, in Belgium, Ireland, or Switzerland)

The announcement was made at a live panel of sustainability experts at the Reuters Responsible Business Summit. The aim is to reduce plastic consumption. There is a huge potential since, according to P&G, 200 million households in Europe are using shampoos from one of their brands.

Less plastic

In parallel with the launch of this refill system, P&G Beauty is on track to reduce virgin plastic usage by 50% in shampoos and conditioners bottles by the end of 2021 (compared to the level of 2016).

According to the group’s calculations, these initiatives will result in 300 million fewer virgin plastic bottles being produced yearly.

We need to start turning the tide on the plastic waste crisis and there is no time to waste when it comes to protecting our planet,” said Artur Litarowicz, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Haircare for P&G Europe.

While recognizing that the launch of these reusable bottles and refills in 2021 is only the start, P&G believes this will contribute to making the reuse of packaging irresistible.