Launched last October on the European market by German startup Chemster, Ozmi is positioned as a partner of beauty professionals throughout all phases of product development. The platform consists of an ecosystem which simplifies searches as regards formulas, ingredients and packaging specialists, and provides services for easier, safe exchanges every step of the way.

A single entry point

It is very hard for brands to coordinate all aspects of product design, due to the huge market fragmentation per business segment. And it is hard for suppliers to be visible for young brands and to provide them with the main information. Our concept is easy to use and time-saving,” says Udo Eberlein, CEO of Chemster.

According to him, in certain cases, the system can half reduce time-to-market, which is pretty significant for young brands, the platform’s main target. In addition, users can choose to search a specific design aspect. Suppliers’ information and data are available, so they can contact any company to exchange and get a quote. Project management tools provide advice from the brief to the formula creation.

The platform is mainly aimed to offer tools to create any beauty-hygiene product, including perfumes, in the long run,” adds Udo Eberlein. The functionalities are designed to evolve day after day, depending on users’ demand.

A collaborative system

Right now, Ozmi counts 200 open accounts, but it should quickly develop as regards service providers. About 20 French partners are referenced, “but we sign new entries every day,” explains the CEO.

Based on a collaborative system, the platform provides free access to most functionalities and a complementary offering of paid services.