Edouard Macquart-Moulin, Natura Brasil France

Edouard Macquart-Moulin, Natura Brasil France

Premium Beauty News - Have your objectives changed for the French market?

Edouard Macquart-Moulin - They haven’t changed. The objectives of Natura Brasil are based on three pillars: economic development and societal and environmental commitments. Whatever the distribution channel, direct sales, own stores or through partnerships, the important thing for us is to be profitable and to express our values in terms of sustainable and societal development.

Premium Beauty News - Why did you put an end to your direct sales operation in the country?

Edouard Macquart-Moulin - With more than 1000 beauty consultants loyal to the brand, believe me, it was not with a light heart that we made the decision in December 2016. This is an important channel for Natura Brasil but the market did not enable us to balance the economic pillar. However, the wish of our founders and shareholders is to stay in France and continue to invest.

Premium Beauty News - What will be your new strategy?

Edouard Macquart-Moulin - Our strategy is to develop a network of own stores. We already have a store in the Marais, and we also inaugurated last December a second store in the 4 Temps shopping centre in Paris - La Défense. On February 9th we will open a third store in the Vélizy 2 shopping centre in the south of Paris. In the course of the year we will continue to study opportunities for the opening of additional stores, in the Paris region or in French provinces.

A lot of consumers who have known Natura Brasil through their beauty consultants are now waiting to find a store next to their home. Meanwhile, we are developing partnerships with French retailers such as Monoprix, Le Printemps and Birchbox, through on- and off-line sales.

Premium Beauty News - You kept your e-store?

Edouard Macquart-Moulin - Yes, it is still very successful. We are focusing on an integrated channel approach. Nowadays, every consumer is recognized, whether in a point of sales or on the internet.

Premium Beauty News - Hence, these new stores will be the windows of Natura Brasil, how do you describe them?

Edouard Macquart-Moulin - They are an invitation to discover Brazil in a 40 to 50 m² concept, which allows the customer to feel the warmth of the country and all the values of Natura Brasil, with a lot of natural raw materials, wood, plants, ingredients, a sensory experience. As for products, we have a portfolio of a hundred references for the body, hair and face and babies.

Premium Beauty News - Your Group recently acquired the retail brand The Body Shop, will you develop a common strategy?

Edouard Macquart-Moulin - We obviously share the same vision, which is of working and participating in creating a better world. But like what was done with AESOP, the two brands will continue to operate separately from a marketing and sales point of view to preserve their own identities. On the other hand, even if it is a bit too early to talk about it, there is obviously an industrial strategy of optimization. Thanks to this partnership, The Body Shop will be able to access, for example, to the sourcing of raw materials from South America, Amazonia. There will be synergies wherever possible in terms of infrastructure and logistics.

Premium Beauty News - Are you looking to expand your foothold in Europe?

Edouard Macquart-Moulin - At the international level, the Group aims to be present in 70 countries in the next ten years with its own stores and direct sales for certain locations. We will take advantage of the global presence of The Body Shop to establish ourselves in some cities. Today, we are present in most South American countries, in Mexico and we have two stores in New York, which represents twenty countries to date.

In Europe, in addition to French speaking countries, we are looking primarily at Germany and the UK. A partnership has already been established with the online sales site Feelunique, which distributes our products in the UK with very encouraging first results.