Riikka Joukio, Senior Vice President Sustainability and Corporate Affairs...

Riikka Joukio, Senior Vice President Sustainability and Corporate Affairs at Metsäliitto

Premium Beauty News - You insist much on the northern origin of the wood used for your production. How is it an advantage?

Riikka Joukio - Actually, the fact that the roots of our company lie in the sustainably managed Finnish forests is a tremendous advantage.

Finland is the most extensively forested country in Europe. Forests cover 86% of its land area. The basis of the Metsäliitto group is the 130,000 forest owners cooperative, the parent company of the group. This can explain most of our way of working: we are a local company, a good corporate citizen and a responsible company focused on sustainability.

Our main assets includes our main raw material, Nordic long-fibre softwood, modern production technology that reduces the environmental load, competent and trained personnel, customer oriented product development and a strong movement towards a culture of continuous improvement towards the group.

These Finnish roots are the springboards of our international success. Metsäliitto has production sites in 11 countries, is present in 30 countries worldwide with five core business areas: wood supply, wood products, pulp, packaging board, and tissue and cooking papers.

Premium Beauty News - Is it also a strong asset regarding sustainable development?

Riikka Joukio - Yes, obviously! Our main raw material is renewable and recyclable wood from sustainably managed forests. More than 95 % of forests in Finland are PEFC certified, to which we can add less than 1 % that are FSC certified, it’s a huge advantage.

Metsälitto is committed to promoting sustainable use of forests, which aims to preserve biodiversity, productivity, regeneration ability and vitality of the forest environment. We promote forest certification and are leaders in developing chain-of-custody monitoring systems.

Our group vision reflects both the importance of our roots and the importance we place on the environment: to be a focused and profitable Finnish forest industry company that operates in the international market and that integrates sustainable development, customer-orientation and innovations in its products and services in a unique way.