Premium Beauty News - The pandemic has created new demands at POS. You have for example developed a contactless perfume tester.

Marc Bruneau - This new perfume dispenser is equipped with an infrared system, which detects movements and automatically activates the perfume spray. We have already marketed this tester for a perfume brand in the US, whose name remains confidential for the moment.

Our system stands out from the competition by using the original perfume bottle as is. Many contactless systems only put forward the fragrance, we decided to also enhance the bottle to preserve the brand’s identity. This tester, developed for different brands, was patented this year.

Premium Beauty News - You are also introducing a new rechargeable luminous label.

Marc Bruneau - The luminous label allows playing on the visibility of the brand. The first luminous label was introduced in 2010, but we are adding two innovations: the possibility of recharging it and of transferring it from one bottle to another to meet the ecological expectations of brands.

This type of label is often used for liquor bottles but it can also find applications in the perfume world. Brands all want to remain as visible as possible, especially in nightlife areas where lighting is much less intense.

Premium Beauty News - The pandemic has posed many challenges. How did you adapt?

Marc Bruneau - The first challenge we faced was to restore our production capacity as quickly as possible. We were able to restart faster than expected in comparison to Western countries because our production line is in Asia. The second challenge, given the closure of bricks and mortar outlets, was to develop new markets, particularly online sales. For instance, we made prestige boxes for the Moon Festival in China last autumn.

Premium Beauty News - How has your client base changed since the pandemic?

Marc Bruneau - Before the health crisis, 60% of our business was focused on spirits, 30% on cosmetics and 10% on various other markets. Today, it’s the other way round: 60% in cosmetics & perfumes, 30% in spirits and 10% in other sectors.

Premium Beauty News - Can you give us some examples of recent collaborations with cosmetic brands?

Marc Bruneau - We worked with Valmont in Switzerland by providing displays in their shops last Christmas. We were able to install window displays because their outlets were open. There are also other projects in the pipeline but I can’t give you the names of the brands for the moment.