Hot on the heels of the sale of its scented strips business to its competitor Arcade Beauty, Orlandi announced the acquisition of Tennessee-based Aroma Release Technology Inc.’s (ART) consumer product sampling and fragrance coatings business.

Additionally, Orlandi secured a new lease in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to support the ongoing manufacturing laboratory operations.

"We see this acquisition as a win-win for Orlandi, ART, and our common customers," said Sven Dobler, CEO of Orlandi. "It is a perfect fit and complement to our growing consumer products sampling and air care business. We will provide organizational and marketing support to assure its growth and continued success."

"We are excited about the new ART product line additions as it represents an important technology investment by Orlandi in support of our many growing fragrance sampling and air care products," added Per Dobler, Orlandi’s Senior Vice President.

ART’s President Douglas Whitaker added, "this transaction is the culmination of an almost thirty-year collaboration with Orlandi and I am pleased to leave our consumer product sampling business in capable and trusted hands." ART will continue other commercial activities not part of this transaction.

As part of the acquisition, Orlandi and ART will be working closely to ensure a smooth transition for employees, customers, and suppliers.