The new brand offers for this, a small range of four products specially devised for pregnant women: le Cajoleur (a protecting and nourishing soap), le Bienfaiteur (a hydrating lotion for the body), la Surdouée (an anti-stretch marks oil) and la Confidente (a massage cream). Each reference, with an evocative name, corresponds to a specific ritual and a specific need of future mothers: the fight against dry skin associated with hormonal changes inherent in pregnancy, the prevention of stretch marks, the massage of the belly. As for the choice of soap, it is a response to the tendency of pregnant mothers-of being suspicious of shower gels, and return to soap. Enriched with shea butter, coconut oils and wheat germ, the soap is produced by cold saponification to preserve its rich glycerin content and remain perfectly gentle to the skin.

Originating from a demanding process, all products are organic certified according to the Nature & Progrès standard which has a reputation of being the most stringent on the French market. The formulas do not contain essential oils. In addition, the three anhydrous products are preservative free. And to better meet the needs of mothers-to-be, the brand is advised by professionals of the maternity and child care.

The range should see the addition late 2012-early 2013, of la Délicieuse, a milky infusion for the bath, inspired by the Japanese ritual of nuka.

"I wanted to create a different skincare brand, that would reintroduces emotion in motherhood and meet the needs of modern and vibrant pregnant women. I wanted to offer ourselves some pleasure and opportunities to cultivate a relationship full of tenderness and joy with baby (and dad!), with safe and effective skincare products," explained Marie-Pascale Ballet.

Omum is already distributed in France, in some fifteen outlets, and in Italy in the perfumeries of the group la Gardenia. The brand will take part to the next edition of the Cosmeeting Beyond Beauty Paris trade show in September to find new partners.