The 8,700 m2 of the new Omnibus manufacturing site, including the production halls, are completely self-sufficient in terms of electricity consumption thanks to a geothermic system and 260KW photovoltaic panels placed on the roof.

It only took a “small” year for this new tool to be operational. A real “tour de force” on the part of contractors and of the designer, Beppe Riboli, who was so far more specialised in buildings designed for trend clubs. As a result, the visitor entering the place is immediately struck by this very sleek structure with original and pure lines, surrounded by greenery and covered by 7,700 butterflies. The feeling is even stronger once the first glass doors are passed. The building and the terrace embrace the secret garden hosting the unique 400 years old olive tree. Luminosity, sheer whiteness... there is undoubtedly a feeling of serenity in the atmosphere. It is going to become a “delightful place” in which to work!

The 700 m2 of laboratories are made entirely of glass windows overlooking on the outside. Production workshops for the processing of powders or liquids are divided into self-operating boxes (with an over-pressurized air system to avoid contamination), a few steps away from a fully automated storage hall built by Toyota and which delivers the exact quantity of raw material in one of the 2,000 individual pallet boxes, the 100% plastic “Omnibox”.

Everything has been carefully devised so that the 140 people who work there every day feel comfortable and happy: just like their own home. Cafeteria, fitness room, auditorium, the “osteria” for the clients and the private parking for the employees… The 8,700 m2 of buildings, including the production halls, are completely self-sufficient in terms of electricity consumption thanks to a geothermic system and 260KW photovoltaic panels placed on the roof.

100% “Made in Omnicos”

Opening the doors of our ’new home’ is our way of thanking every employee and co-worker, but also our clients and suppliers who have trusted us along all these years, allowing us to grow and evolve through the work we have always done, and keep on doing with great passion and enthusiasm,” explains Manuela Guerrini, Commercial Director.

Welcoming you inside our company is also a sign of transparency and integrity: that results in two open-style laboratories, the ‘Diamante’ and the ‘Kepleroom’, the new advanced research lab, but also a clear and conscious attention to Sustainable Development and the search for zero impact, in every area of the facility (i.e., led lights, geothermal system, a photovoltaic unit and antibacterial resin and paint), as well as a commitment to reducing production waste,” she adds.

Founded in 1998, the Italian firm whose turnover will exceed this year 25 million euros (compared to the 5 million achieved six years earlier!), 90% of which is exported. It specializes in the formulation and production of make-up products.

Over the years,” details Manuela Guerrini, “Omnicos went from simple product supplier to product influencer and is today ready to take a further step by investing more and more in R&D, making of innovation a master word and obtaining recognition from industry players: this is the way to go! Innovation is not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. To innovate doesn’t simply mean to create something new. Innovating means to think and realize something, which was inexistent until then and which meets the clients’ needs. This implies the ability to fully understand their demands and, above all, to anticipate.

On the commercial side, the Italian firm, which already has a strong foothold in Europe, has decided to intensify its efforts on the North American continent with the aim of increasing twofold its activity. To this end, a new commercial agent was appointed in the person of Odette Bohan. Odette will be based on the West Coast, but she will also ensure a commercial presence on the entire territory. “As for Asia,” added Manuela Guerrini, “it will be on the agenda in two years!” Another immediate - industrial - objective: invest in the production of pencils with the arrival this year of three additional machines.