The first tangible results of these developments being the marketing as of this month of January of a whole range of new mascara brushes and new lips applicators like the "Palm Sensation," a patented lip-gloss applicator developed with students from a German university of Design whose main characteristic is to have a very soft and flexible tip enabling a great comfort of application.

To note also the marketing of the "Delashious Brushes", a series of three different mini fibre-based mascaras brushes. Their very specific size make them particularly efficient to work on "volume" and "nature-like" aspects. To note again the launch of another new brush, "Diamond Brush" also made of fibres which has the characteristic of being "diamond" shaped, enabling a perfectly uniform application of the formula while respecting the sought for "volume" effects.

Strengthening of the full service activity

A series of innovations in fibre brushes which clearly shows the desire of the Oekabeauty management to invest even more heavily on this market in 2012. "Especially in the development of new assembly machines and in the cutting of fibres," we were told at the company’s headquarters in Bamberg.

A 2012 year which will also be placed under the sign of an increased cooperation of the firm with its partners in formulation to continue to offer the best combinations between brushes and/or applications and the mascara and/or gloss formulas.