Oekabeauty, the German manufacturer of lipsticks cases, mascara brushes and lip gloss packs and applicators, which just celebrated its 100th anniversary, has launched its new website with a number of new features. The homepage displays at a glance the next events and latest news, as well as the latest company’s innovations.

Oekabeauty's homepage: www.oekabeauty.de

Oekabeauty’s homepage: www.oekabeauty.de

All production steps - from moulding through decoration to assembly - are realised in-house. The most important facts about these skills are shown in a fixed menu at the top of the page.

Oekabeauty's know-how page: www.oekabeauty.de/en/know-how/plastic-processing/

Oekabeauty’s know-how page: www.oekabeauty.de/en/know-how/plastic-processing/

The largest international make-up brand manufacturers rely on Oekabeauty expertise. To illustrate its know-how, the company therefore displays its latest product developments as well as non-exclusive solutions in packaging, mascara brushes and lip gloss applicators.

Oekabeauty's references: www.oekabeauty.de/en/products/product-references/

Oekabeauty’s references: www.oekabeauty.de/en/products/product-references/

Find out more at the new website: www.oekabeauty.de