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Oekabeauty: A whole series of novelties

Oekabeauty, a German firm (32 million euros in turnover with a workforce of 350), specialized in the design and manufacture of lipstick tubes, mascaras and lip glosses is rolling out a whole series of innovations during this first half of 2011. First of all, a series called "Eco pack", a line made from 100% polypropylene and therefore mono material, including the mechanism in the case of the lipstick tube. But it does not stop there; in addition to a series of new products in the make-up sector, Oekabeauty also announced its diversification in the medical segment with the setting up of a dedicated workshop.

Needless to say there has been quite a creative unrest in recent month at Oekametall and its Oekabeauty division. “We have brought new blood to the teams, and you can feel the difference!” Gerald Oehlhorn, the CEO, said humorously.

One after another, the firm based in Bamberg, an hour away from Nuremberg, is offering its customers in the beauty sector, several innovations in all its favourite segments, namely, lipstick, mascara and lip gloss.

To start with, the "Eco pack" series for which the German company proposes a lip gloss, a mascara and a lipstick tube, using a single plastic material, polypropylene. "This makes products perfectly and easily recyclable," emphasised Frank Bierkandt, Assistant to the general Management. "In addition, added Bierkandt, in the case of the lipstick tube for which, in general, three different materials are at least required, the product is, by the very nature of the single material used, totally air-tight."

New brushes and new shapes

But it does not stop there... In the field of mascaras, engineers from the firm have come up with several new brushes including the "Lash Explosion" model, a very large brush that gives a "super" volume to lashes, not to mention a multilayer brush, "Multilayer Brushes" where stiffer fibres alternate with more flexible fibres, allowing both to load more mascara on the lashes (the central flexible fibres) and to distribute it efficiently (the rigid fibres located on each top and bottom side). To note also the "Dual Flex" pack which comprises both a mascara (on one end) and a lip gloss (at the other end). Actually, lip glosses are not outdone with a series of coloured applicators, "Smashing color applicators," whose colours sparkle with a thousand points once coated with transparent lip gloss.

To note, also, the release of a "Mini Line" which includes a tiny mascara and a lip gloss that can be used as samples or travel products, not to mention a new line of mascara, the "Convex Line" with extremely well-rounded shapes.

Finally the company also offers a new decoration technique in the form of graduated shadings of coating to be applied on its packagings.

A catalogue of standard products

"There too... it’s also a novelty!" Frank Bierkandt announces. "It was time for us to answer the expectations and needs of a number of customers, by offering them a catalogue of standard mascaras and lip glosses. Well, since this year, this is achieved too!

If it’s clever it also offers a great plus of course, in terms of costs - since the only remaining expense for the customer will concern the mould manufacturing - not to mention the flexibility offered in manufacturing and delivery processes. In fact, there are actually two catalogues, one for mascara brushes and lip gloss applicators and one for the packaging solutions themselves. With a total of thirty mascara brushes and twelve lip gloss applicators in the first one and forty different packaging solutions in the second one.

Eventually, the Bamberg-headquartered firm also announced the creation of a white room and the setting up of a workshop entirely dedicated to diversification in the medical sector.

Jean-Yves Bourgeois

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