Actually, it’s true that the car industry is in a very harsh situation while, the cosmetics industry remains in a better shape, so far,” explains G. Oehlhorn, Oekametall’s CEO.

With a turnover of 35 million euros in 2008, the German company remains one of the main European manufacturers of mascara and lip-gloss containers (75% of the cosmetics business), and lipsticks cases. “The development of our mascara business has been a strong propeller for our company during the last three years,” G. Oehlhorn underlines. Actually, one of Oekametall’s main assets is its ability to handle the whole manufacturing process, including the manufacturing of traditional brushes. “And will soon be able to make plastic brushes,” G. Oehlhorn adds.

This asset is strengthened by our structure: we are a familial company with a very high reactivity and quick decision-making processes, we have always been able to adapt ourselves to changing circumstances and to integrate other cultures,” says G. Oehlhorn.

Today’s, the group runs two manufacturing units: one is in Bamberg, where are located metal and plastic transformation, finishing workshops, assembly lines and the production of brushes; the other one is the brand new CCO plant in Korbussen, which is specialized in surface coating, whether lacquering, polishing or metallization. A new production line for lip-glosses flocked applicators has recently been added to the COO’s manufacturing equipment. “Also note that, during the last decade, we have been working with a subcontractor in the Czech Republic for small series and hand assembly,” G. Oehlhorn adds.

The next step for the Oekametall is the reorganization of the decision-making process with the aim to enhance the potential for added-value creation. “Believe me, there’s a lot of work to do,” G. Oehlhorn says. One more singularity for Oekametall, since the company will implement a method inspired from Japanese cars maker Toyota!