Envela is a range of perfume wands / diffusers made in a porous ceramic and manufactured in Limoges, France. In order to meet today’s challenges for sustainable development, Envela helps to limit the use of throwaway scent strips, and to avoid perfume waste, while providing consumers with a high-end experience.

The concept is to use the perfume bottle as a base for the wand that closes and captures the fragrance inside. Once sprayed on the wand and placed in the empty bottle, the fragrance is retained that to the porosity of the ceramic. There’s therefore no need to refill the perfume too often.

After a few drops of essential oil or perfume have been placed on it, the wand can also be used as a decorative diffuser.

Customizable items

Envela wands are available in small or large quantities and have been designed to be personalized in order that a company, boutique or concept store can shape it to their own style or scenography in their points of sales.

The Envela range was designed by French Packaging Designer, Developer & Engineer, Jeanne-Marie Devanz-Rudent. After having worked for almost 20 years on projects in France and internationally as a creator, engineer and project manager for diverse types of packaging, she created her own agency, !Osmotik, in 2002 to use this experience to serve her clients. In 2020, she launched the O by !Osmotik brand to propose objects that can be perfumed and perfume diffusers to the general public or to perfumery professionals.