O Boticário is the first major Brazilian cosmetic brand to get the Cosmos-organic seal from global inspection and certification body Ecocert. The certification will allow the brand to produce and market its very first line of organic products dubbed Nativa SPA Orgânico. The products are expected to reach shelves in Brazil on next October.

The certification, which was carried out in two stages, includes the traceability of the ingredients and an audit of the production site, as well as of the production line - from the reception of raw materials to the shipment of finished products.

To manufacture this specific line, O Boticário’s plant in São José dos Pinhais, in the state of Paraná, in southern Brazil, had to adapt its production cycle.

Organic raw materials must be stored in a separate place. Furthermore, they are weighed in a dedicated environment, to avoid any chance of cross contamination. In accordance with the Cosmos standard, in the manufacturing area, even the cleaning of reactors and tools must be specific to this type of product. O Boticário has demanding consumers and high quality standards, with this reliable and recognized certificate we can guarantee Brazilian consumers an innovative product of the highest quality”, explains Paulo Roseiro director of the brand’s research and development center.

O Boticário already sells vegan products and is preparing to expand its...

O Boticário already sells vegan products and is preparing to expand its offer with a Cosmos-certified organic line of personal care products

According to O Boticário, the goal is to meet the growing demand from consumers who are increasingly informed and demanding about the raw materials used in cosmetic products.

O Boticário has already achieved the Beauty Without Bunnies certification from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), a global organization dedicated to the defense of animal welfare. In 2019, the brand was also awarded the Leaping Bunny label.