Web users can play perfumer to create wholly personalized feminine or masculine fragrances by first selecting a type of perfume among five categories available (“sporty”, “glamour”, “sensual”, “natural”, and “feminine” for feminine fragrances, or “sporty”, “charismatic”, “wild”, “manly”, and “dynamic”, for masculine fragrances) and a base note (“classic”, “oriental”…), and then finalizing the personalization by adding up to six notes among a selection of 50.

Unique Fragrance has developed an online, large scale version of the mix and match trend some brands have already been riding for a while. Unique perfumers have made sure the six notes selected match and create a true olfactory harmony. “Our experts have developed all the ingredients to produce the perfect mixture with base, middle, and top notes. This way, our customers can easily manage to create their own perfume,” the company explains.

Once the fragrance has been finalized, web users can also choose among about fifteen different bottles (rectangle, square, or round-shaped, in transparent, black or red-coloured, or even gold glass, or inlaid with Swarovski crystals) that they can personalize with a message, a name, or even a picture.

All in all, more than 150 billion unique compositions are possible,Nocibé affirms.

Each fragrance is created by Unique perfumers in the Berlin or New York City laboratories. The tailor-made perfumes are available as from 69.90 euros for a 50ml eau de parfum. It takes between 5 and 7 working days to create and deliver them, and customers can have a free second try if they are not satisfied with the first fragrance, or they can be reimbursed.