Lubrizol Life Science Beauty has unveiled results of new tests for Fensebiome peptide applied on the scalp. The ingredient had previously shown to have transformational effects on the skin by reinforcing the double cutaneous barrier, promoting microbiota balance and enhancing the physical barrier, helping to achieve a healthier and younger appearance.

The new data showed that when applied on the scalp, Fensebiome peptide led to an increase in beneficial scalp microbiota that tends to decrease with age and a modulation of age-induced microbiota changes, associated with a rejuvenated and healthier scalp.

The ingredient was also tested on two panels of volunteers: a group of women with sensitive scalps and a group of men with bald sensitive scalps. Both groups found that Fensebiome peptide soothed the scalp, leaving it feeling hydrated and with less itchiness and desquamation.

In addition, new in vitro tests showed a reduction of Kallicrein-5 and PAR-2 activation, which helps relieve inflammatory and itching skin and scalp conditions.

According to Lubrizol, the heptapeptide can now be incorporated into scalp care formulations designed to reduce sensitivity, prevent dehydration, and rejuvenate the scalp.