Specialising for 40 years in the design and manufacture of accessories and promotional gifts, the Casaque group has changed its name in the wake of a change of corporate governance that led to the merger of all subsidiaries (Anaïk Beauty, SIAD, Anaïk Fashion and Anaïk.fr). Frédéric Delloye, co-founder and managing partner since 1998, has purchased the shares of its partner and took the lead of the new entity which was renamed Anaïk.

Anaïk has moved its headquarters in Villeneuve d'Ascq to new premises in a...

Anaïk has moved its headquarters in Villeneuve d’Ascq to new premises in a former 4000 m2 warehouse.

The goal of the merger is to enhance internal synergies and to clarify the company’s offer.

Co-creation and innovation

The reorganization is also accompanied by a new ambition: to help the company’s customers creating a strong link between their brands and consumers for unique, surprising and positive experiences. Anaïk gathers this new ambition under the motto "Creative Customer Experience". Anaïk therefore intends to implement co-creation procedures with consumers and to measure their satisfaction.

Anaïk has also moved its headquarters in Villeneuve d’Ascq to new premises in a former 4000 m2 warehouse. This "Creative Village" gathers stylists and product managers who are responsible for the creation of new collections of handbags, decorative items and clothing, taking inspiration from fashion trends.

Thus, Anaïk recently innovated with the launch of a range of connected gifts including items such as connected bracelets or drones. This collection is completed with everyday products such as bathroom scales, mugs or bags that can connect to a smartphone through applications developed internally by the Anaïk’s digital team and that allow brands to create a personalized and interactive relationship with their consumers.

New US sales office

Already present in London, Dubai, Hong Kong and Shanghai, the company recently created Anaïk America and opened an office in New York, in the heart of Manhattan on 39th Street, with a team of 7 people.

"This new step in the company’s development already allows Anaïk to better serve its French customers with subsidiaries in the United States and to gain new customers on this continent," said the company.