Strand Cosmetics Europe, a designer, formulator and manufacturer of made in France high-end skincare and make-up products for beauty brands, rides on the hipsters’ trend, and takes care of men. The “New Heroes”, which was presented at the MakeUp in NewYork trade show, is made of four specific cares, to be used in a three-step ritual: shaving, skin care and beard care.

1- Shaving: The creamy and unctuous texture of the Shaving Cream coats the hairs and prepares them for shaving. Its blend of moisturizing active ingredients protects the skin from shaving rash and cuts, softens the epidermis and fights skin dehydration. “The formula is comfortable and effective shave for dry and dehydrated skins, and it glides very well,” claims the company.

2- Skin care:

- The Polytechnician Serum moisturises, soothes and stimulates the epidermis while combating several signs of ageing, by smoothing, slowing down the development of pigmentation spots and reinforcing the skin’s barrier function. Its gel texture melts on the skin, leaves a soft and powdery film and provides anti-ageing properties.
- The Energizing Cream regenerates and soothes skin. “Its light and airy texture and its speckled appearance make it an original skincare product. Its blue colour promises freshness from the very first glance, before providing an instant fresh feeling when applied. Its fresh and airy texture is ideal as a morning booster.

Both cares penetrate instantly. They immediately improve skin texture and leave no greasy film.

3- Beard Care with the Short Beards Serum: its light and easy to apply texture provides softness and silkiness to short and light beards. For new or not very thick beards, it should be applied daily all over the clean and dry beard.