Once again, Cosfibel Premium seized the opportunity of the Luxe Pack tradeshow to launch several coffrets featuring original design, functions and gestures.


Among the new innovations, Stairsbox is probably the most astonishing creation with its original design and opening mechanism.

Stairsbox takes on novel architectural design; it is conceived as a stack of plates that double as walls, but allow the contents to be visible. The opening gesture is also cause for surprise. It opens as the plates rotate: each one pivots to release the next, making for a fun and progressive discovery of the product.

Available in all materials, this clever and chic case can be easily adapted to a fragrance flacon or a bottle.

Convertible box

Another realization showcased at Luxe Pack is a two-in-one box, which is both a coffret and a merchandising display.

The mounted board coffret can be transformed into a display by sliding the lid towards the top and folding it over the back where it disappears from view. The advantage? Open or closed, Convertible box takes up the same amount of space. When open, the product is visible and is presented on an inclined wedge.

Cosfibel Premium also designed the wedge to add value to the box’s contents. Thermoformed and debossed, the wedge catches the eye.

The Convertible box comes in versions for both cosmetics and spirits.