It has taken us three years to implement our new business model”, announces James Thorpe, Managing director of HCT Europe and HCT Asia.

James Thorpe, Managing director of HCT Europe and Asia (left) and Romayne...

James Thorpe, Managing director of HCT Europe and Asia (left) and Romayne Apcar, CEO of HCT France (right)

Four factories and a thousand staff

Originally, HCT’s activity was mainly focused on designing innovative packaging for the cosmetic industry and subcontracting manufacturing services to high quality partnering factories in Asia. Today, the group runs its two factories dedicated to plastic injection, and a metal processing and electroplating plant, in addition to a filling factory. The group now has a workforce of more than 1,000 Asia based staff as well as several Sales and Innovation Centres across the globe.

A new productive investment

HCT is poised to sign a final agreement for acquiring a manufacturing unit producing brushes and applicators. The new factory will help the group to complement their existing capabilities and then to offer their customers high quality multidimensional solutions, from start to finish.

We feel that diversifying our business in these associated areas will allow us to offer our customers valuable savings in time and cost. Considering current uncertain economic times, such an offer will certainly be welcomed,” says James Thorpe.

Our aim is to increase our turnover by 20% in the next three years,” he adds.

Focusing on innovation

There aren’t a million ways to achieve our goal”, explains Romayne Apcar for HCT France, “one must both innovate and deliver impeccable quality. There is a rich vein of creativity that runs throughout HCT, the spirit of innovation is a major part of the group’s DNA. We protect our innovation by patenting the concepts we create. We have also recently commissioned a make up artist specialised in European celebrities to work with our innovation and formulation teams to help us pinpoint emerging trends with both the formulation and application side of our business.

A couple of examples of recent launches are: Dior Capture Totale Flash Défatiguant Regard, and the Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lipgloss.

Our next challenge will be a mascara innovation concept,” announces Romayne Apcar.