Naturex, a leader in specialty plant-based natural ingredients, has recently files a patent application for the extraction of plant metabolites using NaDES (Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents) to create biomimetic botanicals.

The plant itself and NaDES combine to create biomimetic botanicals, a revolutionary method that reproduces the plant’s intracellular environment by replicating certain physiological plant mechanisms,” the company says.

The NaDES allow the extraction of some phytochemicals that are not always fully soluble in lipid or water phases. “Hence, the primary functional metabolites of plants are used to extract the secondary active metabolites, and create innovative phytochemical profiles,” highlights Naturex.

The patent application protects the entire process, including the various compositions of different NaDES, along with the selection of extraction processes, the biomimetic botanicals and their uses in applications. It encompasses the newly discovered phenomenon, termed “eutectigenesis.”

A range of NaDES specific liquid extracts developed by Naturex are available for sampling and testing in finished cosmetic products.