Eutectigenesis is a patented extraction process that allows extracting...

Eutectigenesis is a patented extraction process that allows extracting active compounds synthesized at the very core of the plant cell.

The new Eutectys collection will be launched at the Cosmetagora tradeshow, which will be held on 12-13 January 2016 in Paris. This new generation of botanical extracts is based on a patented extraction process called Eutectigenesis. This new technology allows extracting active compounds synthesized at the very core of the plant cell. These metabolites, which are not always fully soluble in water or in lipid phases, are stored and transported by plants in a third type of liquid phase, the so-called natural deep eutectic solvents (NaDES).

According to Naturex, “this breakthrough eco-extraction technology offers a natural alternative to conventional solvents and makes it possible to capture the plant cell’s most precious metabolites, in order to obtain biomimetic extracts with augmented phytoactive profiles and improved performance.

The Eutectys collection is composed of six high-definition extracts including, among others, olive leaf, saffron flower, and horsetail, all well-known for their restoring and anti-ageing properties, and available for skin and hair formulations.

Nature-inspired products have been setting the trend over the last few years as cosmetic formulators are constantly looking to expand the category in a sustainable way. NaDES are an innovative way to answer market demand,” explains Naturex.

Licensing agreement and research collaboration

For this world premiere, Naturex has signed a partnership with Scionix, a company responsible for marketing the new solvent systems developed by Professor Andrew Abbott and his research group from the University of Leicester, United Kingdom, who pioneering research on deep eutectic solvents.

In addition to this licensing agreement on the patents granted to Professor Abbott and his team, Naturex and Scionix will join forces on fundamental and applied research in the field.

The use of deep eutectic solvents holds huge potential for the cosmetic category as well as numerous other industries. We are convinced that this technology is a game-changing innovation, and these joint research efforts in collaboration with the team that discovered NaDES technology will ensure rapid and successful results,” says Antoine Bily, Naturex’s Head of Research & Development.