In connection with the COVID-19, Brazilian have intensified their hygiene habits, leading to an unexpected 5.8% annual growth (ex-factory price) in sales of cosmetic and hygiene products, according to the Brazilian Association of the personal hygiene, perfumery and cosmetics industry (ABIHPEC).

Furthermore, as consumers in the country isolated themselves and took precautionary measures to prevent infection, they gave renewed attention to the importance of wellness and self-care. As a result, categories such as facial masks and treatments as well as hand/body cleansers and moisturizers increased in terms of demand, found Kline in a recent report.

Successful launches

According to the market research firm, several brands successfully launched innovations in these categories such as new facial masks from Quintal Dermocosméticos and the new Beauty Nectar from Elemento Mineral. Skin care products with essential oils as a part of their formulation also grew in popularity, boosted by launches of new products, such as the Synergy of Oils from By Samia and Phytoterápica’s new essential oils, Junípero and Yuzu.

In parallel, L’Oréal’s Garnier successfully entered the Brazilian skin care market during 2020, landing among the top 10 natural skin care brands, according to Kline’s Natural and Clean Beauty Global Series report.

Responsible brands

In addition, found Kline, consumers increasingly gravitated toward brands that offer a more responsible position, both from social and environmental point of views. For example, LiveAloe, with its complete portfolio of organic products; Boni Natural, which made its entry in many supermarkets and drugstores chains; and Cativa Natureza, with its sanitizing lotion. The trend has also helped the natural segment to perform well.

Natural brands such as Elemento Mineral, with its complete line of facial treatment, Care Natural Beauty, ad Up2You, which have invested a lot in social media communication and digital channels, also had an extraordinary performance in 2020, said Kline.

Actually, most natural skin care marketers were already quite savvy and actively present in the e-commerce domain, and were able to successfully pivot online to meet consumer needs, during lockdowns.