Natrue, the non-profit organisation promoting the development of natural and organic cosmetics, has added OF&G to their global network of approved certifiers. Based in Shropshire, OF&G will be competent to certify the compliance of beauty products with Natrue’s standard in the UK and Ireland.

"It was clear that as the UK market’s demand for natural and organic cosmetics grows yearly, having a UK-based certifier was a must for Natrue, and with over 45 years of experience, OF&G is a highly reputable certification body of organic products that echoes our core values. We are happy to count on OF&G as a point of contact for British and Irish natural and organic cosmetic brands looking to certify their cosmetics with the Natrue Label, and confident in their contribution to the protection and promotion of natural and organic cosmetics that truly represent these qualities," commented Dr Mark Smith, Natrue’s Director General.

Dr Mark Smith, Natrue's Director General

Dr Mark Smith, Natrue’s Director General

Established in 1975, OF&G was the first organic certifier in the UK to gain DEFRA approval and currently certifies around a third of the overall UK organic food sector. OF&G certifies a number of schemes alongside organic including PAS100 and PAS110, Woodland Carbon Code, Peatland Code and Pasture for Life.

"OF&G developed its own private cosmetic and bodycare standards a number of years ago but as interest in these products has grown over recent years, OF&G took the decision to actively develop this side of our certification offer and applied to become a Natrue Approved Certifier given the excellent reputation of the Natrue Label internationally", said Roger Kerr, CEO of OF&G.

Natrue is present in more than 30 countries globally, with 290 certified brands, and over 300 approved raw materials. The Natrue seal currently appears on more than 6,700 certified natural and organic cosmetic products.