The French company based at Berd’huis in Normandy which, so far, subcontracted for several companies specialised in plastic processing, is doing more and more business with the major operators in the perfume and cosmetic industry.

Olivier Voisin, Natta's founder and CEO

Olivier Voisin, Natta’s founder and CEO

Natta’s main assets:

- A production workshop with about fifteen presses (centralised power) ranging from 25 tonnes to 200 tonnes equipped with digital robots.
- A real know how in the transformation of PPMA, Surlyn, PCTA, PA (from thin inner walls to very thick parts..., from small series to several millions parts).
- And foremost the possibility to design in a week’s time a prototype mould for evaluation (presentation of true production material with a mould of a few thousand Euros) or in two weeks time with an all-automatic prototype mould to help validate the project but can also be used for the assembly machines.

Bruno Partrat, Natta's Sales manager

Bruno Partrat, Natta’s Sales manager

« Our in-house research department, explains Bruno Partrat, Sales manager, allows us to meet the technical requirements and deadlines of our customers. And our know-how (experience in this sector for over 10 years) and the size of our company gives us a chance now to meet the needs of the market key stakeholders by offering reactivity and competitiveness essential in this time of crisis. In order to remain reactive we always keep 20 % of our production capacity available to instantly meet requirements ».